NIBR Informatics is made up of really smart people... checked egos and team-focused, who are looking at the global human health mission instead of an individual mission.

Ken Robbins, Executive Director, Engineering

IS NIBR Informatics for you?

You’re a team-oriented person who’s comfortable working in a global environment and enjoys the challenge of taking on a variety of projects.

You’re someone who continually re-evaluates and thinks innovatively to drive initiatives forward. You get inspired by being part of a team effort that supports an important mission, but also love the technology that you’re helping to create. Not one to settle for “but that’s the way it’s always been done,” you challenge the status quo and look for ways to improve processes and accelerate ideas.

NIBR offers many opportunities for professional growth and development. We promote “flexible thinking” that’s required in a diverse, innovative research organization. Valuing individuals and their varied ideas and opinions improves the effectiveness of our teams and scientific outcomes. In Informatics, there’s always someone to reach out to for support and guidance and we encourage associates to look for opportunities to lead others.

You’re in a unique sector where you get to hear indirectly from patients. It’s important to understand our impact on the patients and the organization, and that it’s not just about looking at systems.

Kushal Patel, Associate Director, Database Administration

In the engineering space, we aim to make our team part of a top-notch technology center. We are looking for talented technologists and engineers who are eager to learn about the scientific aspect of what we do.

Come be a part of a new breed of data scientists who are reinventing the traditional drug research team and powering a paradigm shift in medicine.