We are witnessing a revolution.  Technology advancement is changing the landscape of drug and target discovery…it is no longer possible for an individual to “deal with the data.” We are solving these challenging scientific problems at NIBR by creating multidisciplinary Data Science teams. Bringing together people with expertise in scientific business analysis, engineering, and high performance computing with our scientific collaborators, we have helped advance treatments by answering questions we could only previously ask.

Steve Cleaver, Executive Director, Informatics Systems

Informatics and drug discovery

We’re doing some pretty amazing things in NIBR Informatics. Like developing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art computing systems and putting them into the hands of our scientists to accelerate drug discovery and ultimately to improve, and possibly save, patients’ lives.

Our solutions span the range of technologies – everything from big data to high performance computing to digital lab notebooks and more.

We focus strongly on bioinformatics, a specialized branch of data science that is truly revolutionizing medical research and drug discovery. Our data scientists are part of cross-disciplinary teams, working side-by-side with biologists and clinicians to test hypotheses based on the data they’re sifting through.

Our challenge is to build a team capable of designing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art computing solutions that accelerate scientific discovery.

Steve Litster, Director of Scientific Computing

Working in NIBR Informatics, you’ll be at the forefront of leading-edge technology – helping to shape, develop, and make it impactful. You’ll be part of a dynamic team that includes passionate, innovative techies like yourself, as well as scientists who are deeply committed to the well-being of patients – whether it’s easing the symptoms of a chronic condition or finding a cure for cancer.

The opportunities are immense, as NIBR has one of the highest ranked clinical pipelines in the industry, with more than 100 medicines in clinical development.

We think those are all pretty compelling reasons to work with us.

We're a diverse group, with about 400 associates globally, and with just over 200 in Cambridge alone. Our culture is supportive and entrepreneurial in spirit: we think the best and brightest ideas come from sharing knowledge and building on each other’s contributions; we value collaboration and teamwork, which defines our team as a whole.

We welcome and openly encourage creativity. We continuously look for ways to improve the things we build, the processes we implement – and get the fact that it’s an iterative process: there are mistakes along the way, but that’s where some of our greatest learning comes from. We’re a group that freely asks questions and challenges ideas, knowing that open dialogue leads to impact and progress.

If working with motivated, inquisitive, passionate and really smart technology folks sounds like your dream job, then you’ll be right at home at NIBR Informatics.


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